Hello again guys!

I know it has only been 2 days but I thought I would stick up another post because, well, why not! Because I’m new to all of this, I’m not too sure which route I want to go down quite yet so I am going to try out a few things to see what works… so, I’ve decided to write a post about habits. We all have them. Whether they’re bad, annoying, cute or simply just plain weird. I hope you enjoy reading some of mine and can perhaps relate to some of them. Why not share some of yours down below and we can create an army of habits! 

1.People watching. I’m terrible for this. I’ve taught myself that it is possible to perform simply anywhere, which makes it one of the best things! Waiting for your friend at the bus stop? Find yourself waiting to cross the road, queueing at the checkout, you can do it! I’ll be sitting in the Uni cafe minding my own business, eating the amazing cookies they do, which I shouldn’t because of my diet (shh, its between us) or waiting for my train home from Sheffield and ‘People Watching Mode’ is enabled. Please tell me I’m not the only one here folks?! Everyday I have to snap myself back to reality after gawping a Miss Pretty’s hair and wondering what shampoo she uses to get that damn gorgeous hair of her’s! Oh and her bag! I want one. It’s either that or curiously studying (subtly all be it) the man that’s standing opposite me at the traffic lights. Young, and the converse he has on are pristine. Whiter than the paint on the walls, the whitest Egyptian cotton sheets or freshly fallen snow and I wonder to myself, how have you managed to do that! (Looks solemnly down to my discoloured grey/brown, what were white trainers) *SIGH*. People watching is something which we all do because our inner noseyness always gets the better of us.

2. My next habit is something which is compelled by my inner OCD. Checking I have everything before I leave the house… but 50,000 times. I will get my bag ready the night before so I am even more prepared than I need to be. Keys…check, purse…check, lunch…check, phone…check, make-up bag…check. Okay, we’re set. So I will go and brush my teeth before I leave and in my head I will run through if I have everything again, even though I know for a fact I just checked. Now time to leave! I’ll go to pick my bag up and check one last time! No Ames, your phone hasn’t mysteriously jumped out of your bag since you’ve been out of the room. Your purse hasn’t decided to go on a spontaneous 4 mile hike. It is okay. So with that I will leave the house. *Leaves house and locks the door*. As I put my keys into my bag I will glimpse in to check again. SNAP OUT OF IT! Your notebook is still in there, now stop being so OCD and get on with your day!

3. Lastly, my habit of hoovering and overall cleanliness. None of you will know but I am a massive neat freak… ridiculously so. I live in a flat with 4 guys so I would love to say that it all came about when I moved in. I would prefer to say that this is when it started. Cleaning up all their mess so I didn’t have to live in a pigsty. You know what they’re like! But unfortunately not. I’ve had OCD for a while. If there is the slightest mark on the mirror, that has to go. 5 crumbs on the floor from a piece of toast I ate 4 minutes ago? They have to go too. Normal people would probably just hoover those measly crumbs up, considering they only hoovered the other day, but not me. I’ll hoover the whole room…along with the lounge and the bedroom! And whilst being productive mop the floors, clean the kitchen sides and repaint the hallway! (Seriously though, I have repainted the bathroom before because I was bored!)

So there you go. There’s some of my habits! Let me know some of yours, or perhaps if you share some similar to mine. We can all confide in each others bizarre habits! Catch you all soon.



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