My Bucket List

I’m back! And what a cheery subject I’ve picked to let you dive into! Hey again guys. I’m sorry that I’ve been away for a while. The struggles of life were dropped on me and it got real busy, real quick. But… I’m back and I think it is time to make up for all of those missed posts. So what better way to get back into it than with ‘My Bucket List’, or ‘Things To Do Before You Die’. A lot of people do ‘101’ things but I don’t really think I have that many wishes or things that I would like to do. That makes me sound real boring and unadventurous. I’m not, I promise, but the simpler things in life make me happy. So below I’m going to share some of the things I would like to achieve. Please feel free to share some of the things you want to do, however small or big. That way we can see each others ideas and spark some common interests! Enjoy 🙂

  1. Visit the 9/11 memorial. Now I’ve been to New York before but when I went last time, the memorial itself was still being built so unfortunately visiting was not an option for me. To go and visit the memorial to pay respect and to see the beautiful design would be fab.
  2. To marry my best friend. I’m currently doing quite well with this one. I know I’m young but age isn’t everything. Far from it. I met my best friend when I was 16 and a year and a half ago, we decided to spend the rest of our lives sticking by each other! No date is set but in the not to distant future, this wish will come true.
  3. Experience the Northern Lights. Because WOW! The natural world is an extraordinary place and to experience this would be one of the best things. Its one of those, once in a lifetime opportunities, that you know without even doing it, would give you goosebumps. So one day I will fly to Iceland to see these and maybe go to the Blue Lagoon too. It would be rude not to!
  4. Visit a Third World Country and do something to make a difference. I would love to go to somewhere such as Ethiopia and visit an orphanage to help out there. Teach English, get them better mattresses, or perhaps build a play park or a school. I don’t think that there would be anything better than to know that you are doing something to help other people in a way that we cannot even imagine.
  5. See Niagara Falls. Canada is beautiful as it is. Alberta for example. But I cannot think of anything more spectacular than seeing Niagara Falls.
  6. Raise children to the best of my ability. I wish to give my children anything I possibly can but I have said to my own Mum so many times, ‘If I can do even half the job you have done and be half of the person you are, I will be happy’. Never a more true statement been spoken. 
  7. Own both a munchkin cat and a husky. If you don’t know what these are, please I beg you to look them up online, but basically they’re smaller cats, with short legs. Need I say more! Who wouldn’t want one of those!
  8. Help out a homeless shelter. I’ve learned quite a lot about homelessness over the past few years. Both through my degree and through reading books written by homeless people. Most of us will never be able to understand what these people go through day in, day out, so to help out and wish them a good day, or perhaps just put a smile on their face would mean the world.
  9. Adopt an animal. Now I’ve done this in the past but it is so good to give animals a better home. I guess seeing as I want a munchkin and a husky, there is my opportunity!
  10. Be a Bridesmaid. I have gone almost 20 years of my life and never been a bridesmaid! Hopefully this is set to change soon!
  11. Get more tattoos. Some love them, some hate them. Being artistic, I fall into the category of loving them. I have one already and have so many ideas of what else I could get. All meaningful, I cannot wait to get some more done in the future.

So I know there isn’t a great deal on my Bucket List but this gives me room to expand. I am sure that more will be added to the list in time. As I said previous, please comment down below some of the things you would put in your Bucket List. Hope you enjoyed this post and I hope you all have a great day. I will catch you soon 🙂


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