52 Week Blog Challenge: Meet my best friend!

Hey again guys. So recently I have seen several people taking part in the ’52 Week Blog Post Challenge’. I thought I would give it a shot so i will be posting every Wednesday evening. Also thanks to Britts Daily Dose and Sit Back And Just Live!… You can take part too by including the following banner…  and adding links to their blog in your post. So lets jump straight in.

My best friends name is Marc. He’s my best bud, partner in crime and drinking buddy. Where would I be without him?!

Where/ How did you first meet? We met in secondary school. Our science teacher stuck us together for our class seating plan. I remember the first few lesson we were both awkward. Who was going to break first and speak?! Who knows who did but it lead us to a journey of great friendship and we’re still going strong! *wahey*

What does he do for a living? Hmm, some form of customer administrator? Basically he does something which I’m not too sure of because it all sounds a bit technical. But hey he learned German to speak over the phone to other clients/people. Something like that.

Do you have a favourite school memory? Science, Bunsen burners. Stupidity…  they all add up to good memories. We tipped chemicals into the flame because, well, that’s what cool kids did back in the day! Threw some shards of splints in there too. Between us we managed to create green and purple flames whilst almost setting light to some cupboards. I highly don’t recommend this whatsoever. Stay safe.

Have you travelled anywhere together? Only to London and Cambridge really. I bought him tickets to a gig in Brixton for his birthday cos I’m nice like that 🙂 We also went to see Russell Howard several years ago and Milton Jones in Cambridge.

What is he like as a person? Although he’s small in size, he has such a massive heart and would put everybody and anybody before himself. If you ever need anything, nothing is ever too much. He has a heart of gold and has been a guiding light for me whenever I’ve needed him (Yes that does include 3am in the morning!) Basically, the most thoughtful, kind and generous person you could ever meet.

The funniest moment of your friendship?  How is this question even allowed? I cant pick out one singular moment! There’s a whole bunch. He makes me laugh every time I see him and that’s all I could wish for in a friendship.

What do you love most about him? The fact he is such an old man! I swear inside he is about 85 years old but that’s always what I’ve known! 

We can go weeks or even months without seeing each other, yet every time we do it’s like we saw each other yesterday. Marc, I’m sorry if you’re reading this buddy. I hope you didn’t cringe too much. Just wanna say thank you for being there and for always being you ❤


Ill leave it here with a charming photo!


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