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Sooo… Lets start from the top. I have always been an avid game from a very young age. I remember my uncle giving me an original grey game-boy, with Pokemon and since then I haven’t turned back. As i got older my consoles evolved and I did with them, having had both versions of the […]


Hey guys. Me again. Just a quick one today.

The other day my fiance started a blog about gaming. He has just written his first blog post and it would mean the world if you could go and show him some love. If any of you are gamers yourselves, have brothers, partners, dads who are into it, let them know! As stated in his post, he will be blogging about his set up, some of his favourite games, providing hints and tips and overall just having a good time.

Above there is a little snippet of what you can expect. Thank you muchly everyone. I’ll catch you soon

Ames xx

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