Oh to win a million dollars……


Again, its been a while! I write this at the start of all my blogs. I’m gonna stop because I think we can all establish I am not a blogger to write routinely. Whats routine, aha! I’m all about the spontaneous side of things!

So I sit here alone on a random Wednesday evening, nothing special. I’m doing the same stuff as I always do. Spotify is playing through the earphones, TV on the background, how mundane right! But it got me thinking. What would I do with 1 million dollars? 1 MILLION DOLLARS! Whats that in pounds? £710,080 (Yeah I did have to Google that, not gonna lie). So basically three quarters of a million pounds… that’s quite a lot man! So here we go.

Firstly, I would give the people who mean the most to me some money. Make sure they’re gonna be okay! With this sort of money I don’t claim that I would be able to buy them all a house and make sure they would be set for the rest of their days, but hey, it would be a help! £25,000 each? My mum, dad, sister,step parents, my niece. They could pay a few bills off with that! Mahousive help!

I’d buy myself a car. Not a fancy pants anything. Sure, a new one would be nice, but I’m easily pleased. Nothing too great, I’m still young! A new lil run around would make me happy. So whats that? £10,000. No need to spend anymore.

I’d throw some money towards a holiday. Maybe a few, cos why not eh?! One of my first ever blog posts mentioned travelling to Iceland to see the Northern lights. This is also one of my boyfriends dreams, how fitting! I would pay for one of those glass igloos for 5 or so days, experience the northern lights together, visit the blue lagoon and do all of the touristy things. Cute :). I would also book somewhere exotic, somewhere with some sun… Bahamas perhaps! Get all of the family on board… fancy!

What would I do next?

Pay my uni debt off. Then I could forget about that for the rest of my life. Clean slate, no debt, everything paid off, hell yeah!

Lastly, I would put money aside for a house deposit. Yeah I would have enough to get a house, for sure, but I don’t want that right now. So put it away for a couple of years. Gain some interest because you cant complain at that 😛 Leave it there for when I’m ready! Sorted.

I’m real sorry that this post has been lame. My brain is pretty lame tonight. I’m dull and bored, so I splurged some crap through my keyboard! I do however hope that you are all well, wherever you may be reading this from! What would you spend 1 million dollars on? I’m interested to know. Goodnight world!



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