It’s me…

Right from the start I want to put it out there…my goal for this blog is to make at least one person smile! If I achieve nothing else, this would be enough because seeing people happy is one of the best things in life. As well as this, I hope I can offer both advice and some light-hearted reading for those days when you just want to stay in bed (I must say that these are some of the best days!)

I’m new to all of this so I might not get it right first time but please hang in there. Hopefully I can aim this blog to many age groups. Young ones, older ones, maybe even older ones. Who knows! My posts will be, as I said before, light-hearted, inspirational? and hopefully something in which you can all perhaps relate to, so I set no boundaries. The sky is the limit!

As you can probably guess from my ridiculously original Blog title, my name is Ami Harding, however, to most people I’m known as Ames. I’m 19 years old and currently a University Student. I study Bsc Geographyand I love it.However, fingers crossed (crosses fingers), I hope to go on and do a PGCE so I can become a teacher.  I’m currently living in Sheffield, although I’m not formerly from here. Cats are my favourite thing in the world! Maybe one day I’ll become a crazy cat lady who lives in a little shack or something because I have 57 cats and spend all of my money on cat food and vets bills.

I decided to start a blog for several different reasons. 1) I feel that I am a fairly creative person so writing blogs and designing my own page attracted me. 2) Being inspired by others, both friends and YouTubers. Reading other peoples blogs is something I super enjoy and it made me realise, ‘I could try that!’… So here we are. And 3) Last but not least, I’m very opinionated. I think this may be one of the things which drives some of my posts because I have stuff to say on most things so, hey! they could be interesting.

I’ll leave it there as I don’t want to bore you with all of the unnecessary rubbish I have in my brain! I really hope you guys stick around. I would super appreciate it if you gave me a follow… Twitter, instagram… whatnot! and I hope to see you around.20151108_120415[1]


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