Managing the stresses of life!

Hey guys. Its been a while! Hope you are all okay and doing well.

Previously, I have written about less serious, menial topics, to fill my spare time. However, today I wanted to take the time to write about the ways in which we can reduce and deal with the stresses of life, which we all encounter at some point. It has become really apparent to me as I have had my fair share of struggles recently, that managing it is super important to maintain both a healthy lifestyle and brain! People overlook issues and ‘pie off’ problems by using the phrase ‘I’m fine’. This is all well and good but over time, you begin to really not be ‘just fine’ which can lead to both physical and mental illness. A certain amount of stress is important as it may give you a target to work towards, in order to gain a sense of achievement. However, know your personal limits! I in no way claim that I am an expert, but these have worked for me! I hope some, or even just one of these ideas can help to keep you on a stable path of stresslessness!

Sleep: Sleep is really important to keeping yourself healthy. I know that if you are stressed, it can lead to no sleep which is ultimately a vicious cycle. However, 7 hours of solid sleep a day is a necessity to keeping us normal functioning human beings! Sleep allows for our bodies to rest and repair, ultimately allowing us to perform at our best the following day. Make sure you rack up those zzz’s!

Keeping yourself organised: Being a University student, I know how important it is to keep yourself organised! Ways in which you can do this is by writing ‘to do lists’ in order of priority, getting yourself a wipeboard to keep track of things you may need to do and keeping a diary, in order to manage your time effectively and keep on track of everything you have scheduled.

Physical Activity: I cant write a lot on this because I am the least sporty person on this planet. However, if you are into sport and it is something which you enjoy, take yourself away for a scheduled amount of time per week to engage in physical activity. Or, if you are somebody like me, take a walk. Taking half an hour out of your day to walk will help! Trust me! It can even be incorporated into your daily life by walking to the shop instead of taking the car 🙂

Limitations: I know its all grown up and considered boringgg sometimes, but we have to set our limits and know our boundaries. Caffeine, alcohol, nicotine… None of these help when we’re stressed. It may seem like it at the time, but things like caffeine increase cortisol levels in our bodies. I wont go all sciencey, but in short, its a stress hormone which if too great, can lead to bad things. Be responsible!

There is a whole load of other things which we can do in order to reduce our levels of stress and maintain a healthy balance but I don’t want to bore you with a list of 15 different things. Therefore, I will round this post up here and bid you farewell for now! I hope this post is of use to some of you. Stay healthy and I will catch you all soon 🙂


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